iOS capture playback
  • I am unable to view the current file that is recording from iOS. This means that I have to wait until the day is up before I can review my footage from a mobile device, since I capture as a daily file for each camera.
    I choose to capture as a daily file because it makes finding a playback time easy since the files are 24hrs.
    I get an error message “unable to connect to server”
    I am able to view the file as it is recording on the Mac.
    Is this a limitation to the iOS software?
  • Have same issue
  • This is not a limitation of the software, and we are not aware of any bugs in this area (though what you are describing could point to a possible bug that we are not yet aware of). Are you both using the latest version of SecuritySpy and the latest version of the SecuritySpy iOS app?
  • Yes, I have the latest versions.
    I have tried multiple iPads and several iPhones all with the same result in unable to playback the current files in record.
  • OK, we will do some testing here and get back to you (probably directly by email) when we have been able to investigate this.
  • Have you had a chance to perform the testing?

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