Netatmo Doorbell Cam at CES
  • Netatmo has introduced a Homekit enabled doorbell cam at CES called Smart Video Doorbell. It does not require a subscription service. It has onboard storage, and can also send files to Dropbox or an FTP server. I know Netatmo cameras do not have a good record for offering industry standard video streams, but the FTP option offers some flexibility. I guess since SecuritySpy isn't an FTP server, it won't be able to record from this unit. Unless of course, Ben has a trick up his sleeve.

    It also is a nice looking unit.
  • Unfortunately, the specifications of this device do not include standard protocols that would allow it to work with SecuritySpy, such as RTSP or ONVIF. This indicates that it's a closed system that is not designed to work with anything but its own software.

    It's better than other doorbells in that they don't tie you into a subscription, and they allow local recording to the device and Dropbox/FTP integration, but I'm afraid this isn't enough to allow it to work with SecuritySpy.
  • Just to follow up: I posed this question to Netatmo, and they have just replied to confirm that the doorbell does not support RTSP or other standard streaming protocols, so cannot be used with SecuritySpy.
  • Thanks Ben. Too bad they only went halfway on connectivity.
  • Damn.. so close!

    FYI I did get a hint of a HomeKit enabled dbell 2 coming out later this year from their support team.. however I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

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