• I bet this has been addressed somewhere here but multiple searches can’t find it.

    What is the small .ssdata file. It’s a hidden file but shows up in the backup archives. Does it need to be backed as well?
  • This file simply contains the camera name, and was used to identify capture destinations for cameras vs. normal folders. However, this isn't actually being used anymore by the latest version of SecuritySpy, so we'll remove this in the next update. It's fine to prevent the files from being backed up, but they are tiny so this would be of little benefit.
  • Thanks. I realized the size is small but the backup software was already ignoring it because of the “.”

    It is also ignoring some other files starting with the “.” Are there any that should be archived?

    This for example: .stats_54sel190sdf8fqvvmza6f0d

  • That file contains the store of daily statistics used for the option in the General Preferences called "Email daily statistics". It doesn't matter if you don't include this in the backup.

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