Can't get iOS notifications to work at all - help?
  • First great product!! Works perfect in every way that I have tried so far, until now.
    My problem is I can't get iOS notifications to work at all, ever, not even once for a little bit.

    Is there a step by step tutorial to set this up, starting at step 0?

    I turned notifications on in the app.
    I have only one camera set for motion detection images to be saved (this works, I can see the saved images)
    FYI, I have email setup using the securitySpy email relay and receive nightly recaps, errors messages.
    I'm not receiving any other types of notification email, like motion capture emails with pics. I'm not sure if I should be or not? Do I need to point the email my email servers to get pics emailed to me?

    I've tried the debug menu steps to update iOS notification and clear iOS notification, then turning it off in the app and back on again.

    I'm not sure how all of this is connected, the SecuritySpy app on my Mac Server has no clue what my iOS device is other than the iOS app is pointed to the server and functions fine. http server on the lan works great, https server on the WAN works great.


    Thanks in advance
  • Please see this FAQ, as it has all the troubleshooting steps you should go through to try to debug this: I'm not getting iOS notifications - how can I troubleshoot this?.

    Note that for notifications (and emails, alarms etc.) to work, you have to arm Actions mode for the camera(s) in question - have you done this?

    To get motion emails with pictures, you simply need to enable this function for some cameras under Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions, and arm Actions mode for those cameras.
  • Thanks so much for your response and the link to the FAQ.
    This software and your support network is awesome!

    With your help, I got it working! I am now receiving Ios notifications and emails.
    I was missing 2 things, Arming the camera and adding my email address to the actions menu.

    In all my reading up on the software, I didn't understand the relationships on how it all works together. I think I am catching on now!

    Thanks again!

  • Great to hear it's now all working for you!

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