Camera settings - optimal for external vehicle monitoring
  • What are your optimal settings? I appreciate we have different cameras, but many of the clones use similar hardware and software. I use two iGeek 1080p IP cameras running on WiFi monitoring the road. Software interface is generic Safari viewed, Chinese "IP Software". No instructions. Over time I have determined the settings are not as you'd expect. Here are my current settings optimised to enable number plates to be read. (but not relying too much on IR - plates are not recognisable in any IR mode images anyway)

    IP Software settings:
    Brightness, Gamma, Sharpness all at default
    WDR: = OFF
    Aemode: = AUTO
    Imgmode: = Illuminance (can't see difference between Frame Rate and Illuminance)
    IR LED Control: = ON
    Shutter: (1-10000) = 50 (default is 10000, but I deduce this is a max shutter level, 50 gives sharper, frozen stills)
    IRCut: (1-1024,the late value,the greater the switching time) = 150 stops switching too early at dusk, and prevents switching from IR to colour when headlights overexpose
    Noise: (0-100,Lower according to the work) = 0

    Video Settings:
    Video format: 50Hz
    Video Coding: highprofile (I record to a iMac)
    First stream  Resolution: 1920x1080
    Bit rate: kbps (32-8192) = 1000
    Maximum frame rate: = 8 fps (balance between sharp images and reactiveness)
    Key frame interval: (2-150) =16
    Bit rate control:  VBR
    Image quality: = 1 (best)
    Audio Off

    In Security Spy I have used:
    H.264 RTSP
    Motion Capture (masked):
    One movie per event, 8fps, PreCap 1, Post Cap 1
    Still Cap: Freq:1 Post Cap:1

    Scheduled Sunrise -60 mins to Sunset +60 mins

    I get good images but would prefer the motion capture has a pre-capture setting for stills.
    IR over auto-exposes due to the huge amount of distant darkness in frame so plates are washed out.

    Has anyone any comments? Comparison settings? Suggestions for tweaks?

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