Sunrise to Sunset Settings and Daylight Saving Time/Standard Time
  • I'm using different instances of a single camera with different settings to capture things during the daylight and during darkness. I'm using the "Sunrise to Sunset" setting for motion capture during the day and "Sunset to Sunrise" at night.

    I'm not sure how SecuritySpy determines the sunset and sunrise times, but it appears that it's switching over from one setting to another 1 hour too early; it's changing to "Sunset to Sunrise" about 1 hour earlier than it should. It worked fine during the summer months (Daylight Saving Time here where we are 1 hour ahead) but now with Standard Time, it's changing about 1 hour too early before sunset.

    Is there a bug here? I'm using El Capitan as the system software on an old iMac. I don't see SecuritySpy having or asking for location services in the System Settings. My Mac's clock shows the correct time and time zone. I'm using the latest version of SecuritySpy. Thoughts about this?
  • Please go to Preferences -> Schedules and click the "Advanced Schedule Options" button. Here you will see what SecuritySpy thinks is your location, time zone, and sunset/sunrise times. Does any of this information look wrong to you?
  • I had a similar issue but the handy Sunrise Offset feature in Preferences really is flexible enough for me to optimise my times for recording.
  • Hi Ben,
    My Mac time shows that I am (correctly) in the New York (Americas) Time zone which is -05.00 GMT. SecuritySpy, with the "advanced schedule options" shows me in the same time zone (New York Americas) , but it shows (incorrectly) as -04.00 GMT. So there is indeed a 1 hour problem with the calculations used by SecuritySpy. Please advise.

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