Spyglass and Apple Watch
  • Good day,

    After updating to Mojave and iOS 12.0.1, I lost Spyglass functionality with my Apple Watch. I have tried un-installing and re-installing the app a few times and it fails to launch on my watch. I have 3 cameras on one SecuritySpy server and can access them on my iPhone 7 using both SSpy and Spyglass on my home network and remotely using public wifi and LTE. I've tried to reach out to SKDev Solutions LLC and Lower Cross Capital LLC (listed as the "seller" on the App Store) numerous times with no response. The SK Dev Solutions website forum and support don't seem to be accepting any entries. Just wondering if you have had any success contacting them recently, or if anyone is aware of any other Apple Watch compatible apps? Many thanks.
  • Same result with iOS 12.1.1 and watch 5.1.1
    My server is running on High Sierra
  • I also have had zero success in getting Spyglass to work with my Apple watch...also running the latest iOS versions.

    Also, zero response from either the current or prior developer. Was rather upset in paying for the full watch version from the prior developer for it never to work.
  • After giving up on SpyGlass and trying a couple of other apps for viewing IP camera video feeds on my Apple Watch, I'm really hoping that a SSpy solution is in the works. Both eKeyPad Video and IP Cam Soft Pro work fine on my home network, but remote server access via LTE and/or public WiFi are non-existent.
  • We would like to add this, but demand doesn't seem too high, and we have to allocate development resources to the features we think will benefit most users. I'll see what we can do in the future, but I can't promise anything.
  • An app for the Apple Watch would be a very nice addition.

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