8 cameras, two streams each - beyond 8-camera license limit?
  • I've got eight Marvio 2mp cameras (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/x/32766575257.html); they're each configured twice in SecuritySpy; once using the high bandwidth stream to capture video upon motion event, and once using the low bandwidth stream to perform motion detection and trigger the high bandwidth stream.

    They're configured for "manual configuration" with just the IP address, RTSP TCP and the custom request of "user=admin&password=&channel=1&stream=0.sdp?real_stream" -- the low bandwidth is 1.sdp and the high bandwidth is 0.sdp. The settings under the "Device" tab are identical otherwise.

    I just got around to installing the last three, and now I am unable to actually arm the new ones because SS says it's beyond my limit. I thought that cameras with the same IP only counted once for a license spot? I'm using 4.2.9b4 on High Sierra.

    An interesting bug: you can't *disarm* a camera either because you get the same error.
  • Only cameras with identical device setups are counted as a single camera towards the license limit. If there is any difference in the device setup, then SecuritySpy cannot know that they are the same camera, so they are counted as multiple cameras. In your case, the Request is different.

    Please email us and we will come up with a solution for you.

    As for the "bug" you describe: setting any schedule (whether it's Armed, Disarmed, Daylight etc.) will be met by this message to inform the user that the schedule cannot be set - this is by design.
  • Thank you; I've opened a ticket using the email link you provided.
  • Does this save a significant amount of processing power? I might be interested in trying to implement this.
  • no, I'm running SS on a 1st-gen i7 and my CPU is usually well under 10%. It does spike up and down of course, but I've extremely happy with SS performance. I haven't had the V5 setup running long enough yet to comment on it, but it's probably similar, particularly how Ben's described the AI implementation only runs on a tightly cropped, scaled-down version of the video frame.

    I am curious whether I should be using the low res stream for motion detection now or not...

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