Can't Add Cameras Since Update
  • I accidentally deleted one camera and couldn't add it back- I get "timeout" . I deleted another camera to see if I could re-add it but I can't and now get the same "timeout" message. Updated Security Spy yesterday morning. I copied settings from functioning cameras except, of course, the address. I can view these cameras directly via network device finder.
  • There must be some issue with the device settings. A timeout error indicates that it's either the address, port or format setting that is wrong, so please double-check these. If you are still having problems, please email us and include a screenshot of the settings and we'll help you directly to get this working.
  • Sorry I hadn't seen your response. My device setting in Security Spy were correct. But thanks to your response it reminded me I restored my computer and needed to update my preferences and router settings. Once completed the I was able to connect seamlessly. Thank you again

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