Connection issues with High Sierra and Hikvision camera
  • I'm wondering if anyone else has seen the following running SecuritySpy on macos High Sierra. Recently I updated my 2012 Mini, which was running Sierra, to High Sierra. What I observed is that SecuritySpy was having trouble maintaining a connection to one of my cameras (Hikvision). When I restored Sierra from a Time Machine backup, SS had no problem maintaining a connection to the same camera. Thoughts?
  • I am on a 2012/High Sierra as well and no issue. I would recommend a clean install of High Sierra or wait and do a clean install of macOS Mojave which is around the corner. It would not make sense the issue would be OS related. Sometimes after upgrading OS's things can get messy. Clean install with manual migration is always best. iCloud now a days backs up most of what you need and just drag over the rest.
  • There is also a safari plugin for Hikvision, make sure you are running the latest version. You can get it off their website.
  • Thanks for the tips. I have run the plugin you mention in a Windows VirtualBox guest session so I believe the camera has current firmware. I would also point out that SecuritySpy is able to maintain a connection with this camera when running Sierra. I think I'll wait until Apple releases an update to High Sierra and try it at that point.

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