High average CPU usage
  • My daily report says I have 722% average CPU usage. I have 30 cameras at 10 FPS on a Mac Pro. I know this is high, but is it ridiculously high? I need to add more cameras soon, so if I need to make adjustments and increase my hardware, now is the time. Here is a screenshot of my camera info: http://www.mgisd.net/images/camerainfo.PNG
  • Same here after updating to 4.2.7. VTDecoderXPCService is taking over 400% CPU. Quitting SecuritySpy and restarting it sends VTDecoderXPCService back down to under 10%, but then it creeps back up after a few hours. That's with 8 cameras on a Retina 5K iMac.
  • Quiting SS helps a little on my end, but the service still pops back up at >=300% cpu soon after restarting the application. That's some serious horsepower you have. My server is a Mac Pro 5,1 (Mid 2010) with two 6 core 2.66 Xeons, 32 gigs of RAM and an AMD HD5770 graphics card. System drive is a Samsung SSD and data store is a RAID0 of two 4TB WD Purple drives. I know this is an older Mac Pro, but I don't think it should be struggling like this. Ben, if you see this, what do you think? Should I punt and buy new hardware or look at my settings? All cameras are on 10 FPS and h.264.
  • @mgisd - your CPU usage sounds normal to me. 30 cameras at 1-2 MP running at 10fps is a lot of data to process, and the 2010 Mac Pros don't have any sort of hardware-accelerated video processing to help with the load, so all the processing is done by the CPU. 700% sounds like a lot, but with a 12-core processor, this only represents just over half of the total processing power of the machine, so the Mac is handling the load comfortably. In fact this is pretty much exactly what our system requirements calculator predicts for your setup. I don't think you need new hardware, even if you add a few more cameras. If you see the usage going above 1000% then it may be time to look at new hardware, or reducing the frame rates of the cameras.

    @stevejones - this is a different issue that has been reported by a few users, whereby the CPU usage of the video decoding service gradually increases over time. We have done extensive testing on this, and at this point it looks like a bug in the OS. SecuritySpy 4.2.7 does have a workaround for this, though maybe this isn't working well in your case. Could you please let me know the exact model of your iMac and which version of macOS you are using?
  • Thank you, Ben for pointing that out. I had considered percentage of cpu use on multiple cores. I believe my problem lies in my network. With SS server running and all cameras capturing, my switches can't keep up and our phone system cuts out. I am considering putting the cameras on their own vlan, as well as upgrading a few older switches and possibly upgrading to 10G fiber links so it can breathe better.
  • Thanks, Ben. Here's the info:

    macOS 10.13.6, iMac Retina 5K, 4.2GHz Core 7, 64GB RAM, Radeon Pro 580.
  • Hi @stevejones - please upgrade to the new 4.2.8 version of SecuritySpy (the easiest way to do this is to use the "Check For Update" option in the SecuritySpy menu when running SecuritySpy). In this version we have tweaked the code that is meant to provide a workaround for this problem, so it should be able to better detect and recover from this situation.

    So please give this a couple of days to run and then report back with your impressions. You may see the CPU go up and down somewhat, but a certain amount of fluctuation is normal, as long as it doesn't go up to extremely high levels that would indicate a problem.

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