Mac Reboot Schedule
  • Do any long time SS users have any experience/thoughts to share on scheduled reboots of the host computer running SS?

    Traditionally, any computer seems to need a reboot now and then. Instead of waiting for a problem, is there any sense in a scheduled reboot just to keep things tidy (clean up orphaned processes, etc.)? If so, what would be a good starting point?

    Apologies if this has been discussed - I didn't spot anything when searching the forum.

  • As far as I know, this hasn't been discussed on the forum yet. I agree that a reboot from time to time is a good idea, and you can set a weekly reboot in the Energy Saver system preference. However, in my opinion, weekly is too often, and the unlikely chance of a problem caused by rebooting may outweigh the unlikely chance of a problem caused by running the Mac continuously for months at a time. Perhaps something like one reboot per month would be beneficial overall.
  • Thank you. It would be convenient to use Energy Saver, but agree that weekly is more frequent than I would like. Monthly seems reasonable, though I'm inclined to try for quarterly and see how that goes.

    If anyone stumbles on this post and can report they have a standalone SS server that runs reliably with only yearly reboots, or some such timeframe, that would be really interesting.

    Certainly there are myriad reasons why one system's ideal schedule could differ from another's. I can keep an eye on Activity Monitor and see if anything is drifting out of range or if daily statistics reports unusual memory pressure.
  • My SS iMac is on a rack and is dedicated to SS, Indigo, and iTunes. I encountered an Indigo bug (audio output mysteriously turned off) and rebooted it yesterday. Uptime was probably 4-6 months without problems, which is similar to performance in the past.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience, dbm!

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