Quick question about 'refreshing' iPhone app...
  • Because no connection is ever 100% I occasionally get the red cross on the feed from a camera when using the iPhone app, if left to its own devices it may clear, but often does not, for instance today most cameras were fine but a certain one did not update from approx 1400hrs onwards - all are working fine on the iMac.

    What I have found is that simply restarting the iPhone app will often not clear the error, but that restarting it 3 times will - is there any built in reason for that or is it just something the iPhone is doing in the background, such as clearing a cache or similar.

    Obviously this is the most trivial of problems, if the Red Cross shows up I just quickly restart the app a few times, I am just wondering why it happens like this...
  • Hi I use the app all the time. I find usually the reason for this is a slow/poor 4G signal if you are away from your LAN, or if at home on the LAN because the WiFI signal is slow/poor.

    I find the app automatically refreshes and the red crosses go away when there is a good signal. Whenever I have a strong signal the crosses never appear
  • The app is designed to continuously attempt to restart any failed feed, so it should simply come back automatically. However what you describe may indicate that this mechanism isn't quite working correctly - we'll have a look at this to see if any changes need to be made in the next update to make this more reliable.

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