same settings but different type of recording
  • Hi all, hope you are able to help me

    Two cameras, settings for each camera are all the same
    Cam-01 is recording to NAS (volume-01), this works like a charm
    Cam-02 is recording to NAS (volume-02), each completed file is auto deleted to the trash of the NAS

    i've reinstalled allready, nothing seems to work.
    Thank you for your help in advance.

  • Hi Michiel,

    Is SecuritySpy set to automatically delete files when the disk space drops below a certain value? This option is set in the General Preferences. If there is very little disk space available on the drive, then you may find that the files are being deleted as soon as they are recorded.

    However, in this case, the files won't go into the trash - they will simply get deleted. What trash are you referring to?
  • Yes it is set to delete files if the diskspace is below 500G, however this is not the case, there is sufficient space available .
    Cam-01 is storing files as it should.
    But files from cam-02 are deleted to the trash from the NAS as soon as the file is completed.
    I'v rebooted, re-installed the NAS and it looks ok now.

    So.. this is an odd situation as it always worked fine, must be a glitch from Qnap i guess.

    Nevertheless, thank you for your time and effort.

    Kind regards
  • Good to hear this problem resolved itself with a reboot of the NAS!

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