SecuritySpy iOS App - Multiple Entries
  • Is it possible to support multiple entries but with different ports for the same SecuritySpy server? I prefer to use a non standard port for viewing my camera feeds. However, when I'm at work - I have to use port 443 when on the employee wifi.
    I tried to add the same server, using a different port - however it just overwrites the earlier entry.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Sorry, it is not possible to add two different entries for the same server to our iOS app. The app will recognise that they are for the same server, and will merge them into a single entry. If using different ports is important to you, you could consider a different viewing method while at work, for example the web interface in Safari, or an alternative app such as Remote Patrol or Spyglass.

    Or perhaps you can find a different non-standard port to use for HTTPS that still works via your employee wifi?

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