m4v Convert in Quicktime on New iMac
  • I just setup a new iMac yesterday, and migrated data from my older mid-2011 iMac. On the 2011 iMac I could open the m4v video files and play them without Quicktime converting them, and on the iMac they convert every time. I have High Sierra as the OS in both cases.

    I prefer quicktime because I had an Apple Script that would allow me to skip through the video files in various time intervals with a keyboard shortcut, so I'd like to know why Quicktime must now convert every file. Because of the skipping ability I created with the Apple Script I'd like to continue using Quicktime to view the video files.
  • Not sure why that would be happening but might be worth putting your settings to default as I don't have that issue here, all open automatically with Quicktime on my 2016 iMac
  • How were these files created? Any .m4v files created by the latest version of SecuritySpy should not exhibit this problem.

    One thing you can try for these files is to use QuickTime Player 7 to view them.

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