FYI - Mojave Beta 2, Can't Access Webserver Cam Feeds From Home
  • Just an FYI ... using Mojave Beta 2, we can't access our SecuritySpy web server cam feeds from within our own network (Ie We can, however, still access them by entering the IP address we use to see the feeds from outside our network (Ie our router's IP address with port forwarding to web server machine).

    Not sure why this is happening, still trying to debug it ...
  • If external viewing is working then internal viewing should also work (because with external viewing, the connection is simply being forwarded to the Mac's IP address via the router, so it' just an extra step). Are you using HTTPS for both connections? Are you sure that local IP address is correct? Sometimes when you update macOS, it will reset your network settings, so you may find that your Mac now has a different IP address. Check the Network system preference to determine this.
  • I installed the latest Beta Version of Mojave over the weekend and also updated to the current version of SecuritySpy 4.2.6.

    At that point I stopped receiving emails whenever the camera was triggered. I checked to make sure all information was correct and tested sending within SecuritySpy and that worked.

    Still was not receiving emails. Went back to version 4.2.5 and everything is working as before.
  • SecuritySpy 4.2.5 stopped working for some reason over the weekend. If logged into computer SecuritySpy had to reboot and would start working. As soon as I go the Log-in window SecuritySpy stops working.

    If I log back in SecuritySpy has to reboot. Updated to 4.2.6 same problem.

    Currently I have left the computer logged in and everything is working.

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