second user account on same computer to use security spy (with auto login ofter a crash, non-admin)
  • Can I set a second user account on the same computer to use security spy with all preferences from main (1st) instance (with auto login ofter a crash, non-admin) to keep my main user account safe, I had a Power failure & UPS backup depleted while I was away, power was restored but when using auto restart of computer I do not wish to expose my main account with "auto login" for autonomous operation.
  • This may work OK, but you may find that you get quite poor performance with this method, as the macOS system restricts available CPU time to background-running user accounts. If you try this, it would be interesting to get your feedback about how well this works.

    Another option that would allow you to more safely use your main user account would be to make a small AppleScript that starts a screen saver, for example:

    tell application "System Events"
        start screen saver "Shell"
    end tell

    Set this script to run upon login, and set the Mac to require a password to exit the screensaver.
  • Thanks Ben,
    When attempting to set up the second user method Security Spy is in "trial mode". How can I "clone" security spy configurations from main user account to the 2nd user? Also performance should not degrade since in the event of power failure MAC would launch to second user account only & non-admin (main user account would be logged out).
    BTW the Apple script method works well on main account, security risk (desktop exposed) is about 10 to 15 seconds until script runs to launch screen saver after power is restored to MAC.
  • To copy the settings between user accounts, see this FAQ:

    How do I move SecuritySpy from one computer to another, retaining all settings?.

    This is written for users moving SecuritySpy from one Mac to another, but it's the same procedure as moving it from one user account to another.

    Let us know how you get on!

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