Feature Request - Scheduled or Simple Enable/Disabling of Credentials
  • We use SS at my church with cameras in public areas. It helps expand the reach of a 3 to 5 man security team on a large campus. These teams rotate each week and as an accountability tool and to assure the membership that the cameras are only used for security purposes, we issue new credentials each week.

    I wish that in addition to the control over what time of day a user can view cameras, we could also set an effective date range. That way I could set up a teams credentials in advance and they would become active for the week the team is scheduled. This would occur even if I forgot which can happen easily.

    If that is too hard, a simple enable/disable check box would also help. I could still give out the credentials in advance and simply turn them on and off when appropriate.
  • I understand the problem you are trying to solve, but no other user has ever requested this, so it's unlikely that we would implement such functionality into SecuritySpy I'm afraid.

    However, we have been meaning to add the ability to edit web server accounts via the web interface itself, as I think this would be a useful addition that would benefit many users. When this is done, we would be able to help you to automate the process you describe using AppleScript. So I'll see if we can get this done in the near future.

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