Sharing a single camera on the Web
  • I've got an old standard def camera I pointed at some nature in the backyard. Is there a way for me to securely share a link to this camera with people outside my home network? Can I restrict access to just this camera?
  • I guess what I am thinking of is a feature like I had on my Crush FTP server. You could create an account that had restricted access - it could only see/access what you gave permission to see. With SecuritySpy it could be similar, in that you could create a special access account, restrict what it could see and then generate a link to share. The link might not even require a login. When you were done access could be easily revoked.
  • Yes, this is possible with SecuritySpy.

    Firstly, set up remote access.

    Then, in the Web preferences in SecuritySpy, create an account with limited access to this one camera.

    You then send the link to your SecuritySpy server, along with the username and password for this user account, to anyone to whom you want to give access to this one camera.
  • Thanks Ben, I'll do some testing with it.

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