Axis M5014 won't record or perform actions
  • I just connected an M5014 to SS. It was previously used with another product, working fine. The camera can play video in SS, but it won't record (motion or continuous) and won't trigger actions on motion. I've added/removed the camera a few times, trying both Axis and ONVIF profiles. I've rebooted the computer. Factory reset the camera and reconfigured it. Still nothing. So weird. My other existing cameras have no issue (they are set to all record on motion, and one is set to do actions on detection). The directory to hold the recordings was auto-created, and I can read/write in it.
  • In order to do motion capture, the camera's Motion Capture mode must be "Armed". Similarly, in order for notifications to happen, the camera's Actions mode must be "Armed". The easiest way to do this is to right-click (control-click) on the camera's video image in SecuritySpy and set the schedule for Motion Capture and Actions mode to "Armed 24/7" this is all covered in the Getting Started section of the user manual.

    Then, when motion is detected, you should see the M and A indicators in the Camera Info window turn red. This indicates that recording and actions are taking place.

    Does this solve the problem?
  • Ah, this must be the first camera I've added since you put those features in there, and I didn't realize that checking it on the config would not automatically make it work. If I can make a suggestion, that seems backwards. I think it would be more logical that these things are armed by default when you turn on the capture settings.
  • I'm glad this was the solution.

    The capture settings themselves are turned on by default, and not all users will want continuous capture AND motion capture operating at the same time by default, so I think we need to default to all modes being disarmed initially, with the user then having to arm the modes they want by setting them to the relevant schedule (e.g. "Armed 24/7").

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