Viewing Cameras via Chrome No Longer Works Properly
  • Since upgrading to v4.2.4 from v3, when viewing the SecuritySpy Web Server on Chrome, I cannot view an individual camera by clicking on it or view any links when clicked on (i.e. Main Page, Captured File, etc.), and the back button does not work either. I can view all cameras and access anything from the main page, it is only a problem when viewing the camera feed (six cameras).

    This is on every Mac I have using Chrome v66.
    The SecuritySpy Web Server works properly with Safari (not my main browser)
    I did not have this problem with SecuritySpy v3.

    The SecuritySpy Server is a MacPro running MacOS 10.11.
  • This appears to be a new bug in the latest version of Chrome.

    Chrome has always had a limit to the number of simultaneous connections it will make to the same host, which is fixed at 6 and unfortunately cannot be configured. Previously this would just show up as the first 6 cameras working fine and subsequent ones showing as black, but with no other negative effects.

    Now, it seems that with 6 cameras being viewed (and therefore this limit being reached), this triggers some strange behaviour, such as all links on the web site being non-responsive.

    Here are some solutions:

    - Change the "streaming format" to "JavaScript MJPEG" on the front page of SecuritySpy's web server. This works by continually pulling in still images, rather than using continuous streams, so does not trigger the same behaviour.

    - Use Safari, which also has a limit of 6 connections, but does not exhibit this strange behaviour.

    - Use FireFox, which allows the user to configure the limit.
  • Are you sure about the 6 connections limit in Safari. I use Safari constantly with 8 camera streams, for as long as I can remember...
  • Interesting - in Safari it certainly used to be 6, but I've just tested with the latest version of Safari and I'm no longer seeing this limit: our server's 14 cameras are all displaying simultaneously. Perhaps this is a recent change in Safari or perhaps it's been there for a while and I just didn't notice - in any case it's a very welcome capability!
  • For Chrome, changing the streaming format to "JavaScript MJPEG" worked.


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