Family sharing in-app purchase
  • I paid the $5.99 to enable viewing captured footage on the iOS app and I love how it is working. Kudos to the developers for an excellent implementation.

    However, my wife needs to use this as well. We have family sharing on the App Store and I would assume this ensures that the $5.99 covers both me and my wife.

    However, when I install the SecuritySpy iOS app on her phone and try to access the captured footage it asks me to "restore" the license. But this fails and the app says you must be logged in to iCloud using the account that originally made the purchase.

    Is this the intended restriction? Do I need to log my wife out of iCloud on her phone, log into my iCloud account on her phone, restore the in-app purchase on her phone? This is a major hassle because doing this causes the phone to delete iCloud information from the phone.

    If this really is the intended restriction could you please clarify if after I do all of the above, then re-login as my wife on her phone that the in app upgrade will be in place for her?
  • We didn't specifically intend for this to be a restriction, but while Apple allows sharing of app purchases across Family Sharing, they do not allow sharing of in-app purchases across Family Sharing for some reason. If there were some way that we could allow this ourselves, we would, however this is an Apple restriction and we have no way around this.

    You can purchase our SecuritySpy iOS in-app purchase once, and use this on ALL devices that share the same Apple ID, however for any devices that use a different Apple ID, then you will need to make additional in-app purchases for those devices.

    I don't believe you can work around this by temporarily logging on to the other device with your Apple ID, then switching back to your wife's Apple ID. Once you switch back, the in-app purchase will probably stop working (though we have never tried this so I can't say for sure!).
  • What Ben said works. Sign in on other device, restore, and then switch back. Works fine.

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