Future features?
  • SecuritySpy seems to work great for me, so well done for a piece of software that is far ahead of the competition! So, all praise aside, wear do you see it heading, is there much room for improvement or extra features or is it a case of just maintaining it with new OS requirements etc?
  • Thanks for your compliments, I'm very glad you like the software! We have many plans for the software, but in our experience it's best not to make such plans public, as we can't guarantee anything firmly, nor provide precise timescales, so inevitably customers get disappointed if they are expecting something that does not materialise. The only thing we can guarantee in general is continual updates and improvements to our macOS and iOS/tvOS apps, to add new features (some minor, some major) and improvements (speed, usability etc.)
  • A future feature I would like to see is the ability for SecuritySpy to restart the cameras periodically. Once a day or week on a schedule. One of my cameras, an older Vivotek, tends to hang every now and then. Its a real pain to have to restart it via website or manually. Please correct me if that option is available already. Thanks!

  • I would also like to see the possibility to periodically re-start SecuritySpy
  • i guess you could set automator to close and then reopened the app, if you link that to your calendar you could choose when this happens.

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