PTZ doesn't work on Hikvision
  • Hello,
    I'm trialing securityspy to see if i can get it to work to replace current solution, which is vendor specific so I can't currently use all my cameras in one bit of software. I have a mix of Hikvision and Linksys cameras, all PTZ.
    Security Spy works shows video from all the cameras just fine. PTZ controls in SS work fine controlling the Linksys cameras, but when I try to control the Hikvision nothing happens. No errors and no movement. I push the button top right of the window to make the PTZ control appear then when i moved around the virtual joystick nothing about the image changes. Same is true of the control when viewing just the hikvision camera and also when in a matrix showing a mix of cameras from both vendors.
    The Hikvision model is DS-2DE3304W-DE running latest firmware.
    PTZ works when logging into the camera's web server and using the web controls. PTZ also works when using IVMS-4200 (Hivision's own client) on the same Mac on which I am trying Security Spy so I don't think it's a network issue else neither bit of software should work.
    I'm not sure where to go next. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • Hi Erik,

    The latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.4b10) has a fix related to Hikvision PTZ control, so please could you try this and let me know whether this fixes the problem or not.

  • Ben that totally worked, nice one! Now I just need to work out how many cameras to license! Cheers!
    As a curio was this related to hikvision's decision to disable ONVIF by default in all new firmwares?
  • Hi Erik,

    Great to hear it's working now.

    This is not related to ONVIF - it's simply due to some out of date commands that SecuritySpy was using, that have changed in newer Hikvision camera models.
  • This fix does not work for my cameras.
  • Hi @gregchow, what is the exact Hikvision camera model(s) that you are using?
  • Hi, I am also having issues with controlling my Hikvision cameras via PTZ. I have the DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 model. Is this supported? Thanks
  • Hi @andywhiteonline this camera should be controllable by SecuritySpy. Please make sure you have entered the camera's administrator username and password into SecuritySpy. Lesser viewer/user accounts may not have permission to control the PTZ.

    If that doesn't do it, please try both the Hikvision and the ONVIF profiles in turn (under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device in SecuritySpy) to see if one of these allows PTZ control.
  • Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the quick reply. I have tried adding the camera via both Hikvision and ONVIF profile and although I can view the feed I still can’t control PTZ via SS. I can control it via the Hikvision software so I know it works. Any other ideas?
  • Forgot to say in my previous reply I have entered the cameras administrator username and password in SS so that shouldnt be the problem. Still no luck getting it to work in SS.
  • Im having a problem seeing the PTZ controls with the DS-2DE2A4041W-DE3 as well. It can be controlled by the hikvision iVMS4200 software but not by security spy. The controls don't even show up. I have security spy 5.2.2 ONVIF doesn't connect at all. Im using an admin account.

    Nevermind-Got it to work.
  • Hi @General_Custer - good to hear you managed to get it to work - what was the solution for you?
  • FWIW, DS-2DE2A4041W-DE3 PTZ controls work fine is SS v5.0.1.

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