Feature request: archive files before deleting
  • I searched but didn't see anything about this.

    It would be great if you'd add the option to have video files copied to an FTP destination before being deleted. Due to the number of cameras I have, I'm only able to keep about a day or twos worth of videos on my machine, so I archive them to my server.

    I have a shell script that copies files to my server, and then deletes them from the SecuritySpy machine. I'm not using the auto-delete function in SecuritySpy because I wanted to make sure I copied all the files to my server, but it's tough to keep the right balance between the number of days to have my script copy, and leaving enough free space on the SecuritySpy machine - sometimes SecuritySpy runs out of disk space and my recording stops.

    If SecuritySpy had an archive function that would copy files to an FTP server before deleting them, it would be perfect - I could use the auto-delete function, and I'd be sure that all the files would be archived.

    Even better would be to have the browser also look in the archive directory when viewing files, but that's not essential.

  • I think there are better solutions to your problem rather than the feature that you propose.

    The most obvious one is adding a large external drive to your SecuritySpy machine. You then have much more captured footage being stored, while it's all accessible to SecuritySpy for playback via the Browser or web interface. You can then also use SecuritySpy's automatic deletion functions so that you never have to worry about running out of space. This would seem to me to be the best solution.

    The second best would be a Time Machine backup, or some other kind of regular automated backup (again combined with SecuritySpy's auto-delete function). This should be easy to set up and reliable.

    In any case, I think you should enable SecuritySpy's auto-delete function, even if you carry on with your current solution; you really don't want recording to stop due to insufficient free space.

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