right click on camera-->configure settings suggestion
  • When you right click on a monitor window and select configure settings, the software goes to the preferences screen, general with the camera list and you have to select the camera you were just on. It should automatically select the camera in question to save a click (since you want to configure the camera in question). Small nit, great software.
  • Thanks for the feedback, yes it should be selecting the camera, I'm not sure why it isn't. We'll investigate this and make sure to fix it for the next update - it should be an easy fix.
  • Thanks. As to why it is not selecting the camera, I remember something my computer science teacher told me in 1981, "computers do what you tell them to do--programming--not what you want them to do."
  • We always like to close the gap between what the computer is being told to do and what we actually want it to do!

    This should now be fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.4b10). Please confirm.

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