Pre + post problem.
  • I run a rather simple 1 camera setup with only motion detection recording.

    I have set a small detection mask and want to record -30 sec before motion (pre) is detected and +30 sec after (post) motion is no longer detected. My objective is to see where the thing in motion came from and where it goes after leaving the detection mask.

    Recording starts as expected and has the -30 seconds footage, but as son as the 30 seconds have passed and the actual motion should be visible in the masked area the image freezes in the recording. The timer keeps running and usually I only see the actual recording in the last 2-3 seconds. I have tried lowering frame rate and resolution to no avail.

    Could my problem be anything as simple as the pre+post logic colliding?
  • What you are describing shouldn't happen and could be a bug. With 30 seconds pre-capture and 30 seconds post-capture, each clip recorded should be minimum 60 seconds in duration with smooth video throughout. Are you using the latest version of SecuritySpy? If not, please try this first. If you are already, please let me know and we'll investigate.
  • I am running version 4.2.3
  • I've had a similar thing. I have 5-second pre and 15-second post roll. The 5-second pre always works as expected, but very often the video seems to freeze while motion is still occurring, and the recording continues for up to 30 or so seconds.
  • I'm on 4.2.3 as well.

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