Freezing video in playback
  • I am seeing this issue with 3 SS projects I have installed. The other projects I have not revisited to check, so could be all of them.
    On viewing recorded videos in the SS browser, no camera will play faster than 8x.
    If I try 16x and 32x the video freezes. I have pointed this issue out a few months ago, and now I am getting issues from my customers, but I do not have an answer for them.

    Today I tested, saving content to different places - USB 3 drives attached to Mac, OR synology network drive - Result no change, still fails 16x.
    I reduced bitrates down to 1024 - no change, freezes @ 16x
    I reduced fps down from 10 to 5 - no change, freezes @ 16x
    I reduced continuous recording file size down to 1 minute intervals - no change, freezes @ 16x
    I increased recording file size to 1hr - no change, freezes @ 16x

    All the above play 8x no problems, so any ideas out there?

  • Recent updates to SecuritySpy had some fixes related to this, so the first thing to check is that you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy for all these installations.

    Playback at high speeds can use a lot of CPU, so perhaps this is the limiting factor here. In our testings, when attempting high-speed playback (16x or 32x), there is sometimes a short pause before playback due to the playback engine preparing the video, but we cannot reproduce a complete freeze of the playback under these conditions.

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