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  • Hello, we are using different BNC Camras from Hikvision and also DVR Recorder of Hikvision. I install your SecuritySpy program and add IP from Recorder. I can see overview of recorder. But if it is also possible to display each single camera?
    For example camerea 1 who is connected to bnc1 camera 2 who is connected to bnc2 and so on?It might be substreams?
  • Generally, SecuritySpy doesn't support DVR devices: SecuritySpy is designed to work directly with cameras, and it provides all DVR/NVR functions itself. However, you may find that you are able to use Hikvision DVR/NVR devices with SecuritySpy because they have better third-party compatibility than most.

    Try changing the "Input or stream number" setting under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device in SecuritySpy, in order to request input from the different cameras. Each input number should give you a different camera. Add multiple devices to SecuritySpy, each with a different input number, in order to view the cameras simultaneously.

    Please report back and let us know if this works or not.
  • Hello Ben,
    I change on Device that Input number from 1 to 2 and it not working:
    21/01/2018 16:20:28: Error communicating with the network device "Test". 4.2.3,80210,400 Failed to obtain video frame from network device.

    It each time display on chanel 1 the overview and on chanel 2-16 nothing. As I tell it is setup by DVR Hikvision Recorder because that cameras add as BNC. If I try with RTSP and usign on VLC like that:
    rtsp://ipaddr:554/Streaming/Channels/101/?transportmode=unicast I see 1 camera

    rtsp://ipaddr:554/Streaming/Channels/201/?transportmode=unicast I see 2 camera
  • In that case, try this:

    - Change the Profile settting to "Manual configuration"

    - Make sure the Format is set to RTSP

    - Enter the following as the Request:


    - Click the Apply Preferences button

    Does that work?
  • Hello, I do
    > Profile settting to "Manual configuration"
    > Format RTSP TCP
    > Request: Streaming/Channels/101/?transportmode=unicast
    And apply and get error: Unexpacted data
  • Hello. Not get any idea ?
  • Could you please check SecuritySpy's log (File menu -> Open log), and copy and paste here the most recent messages relating to the connection with this device? This should provide the detailed information I need to work out what is going wrong.
  • Hello here you go:

    22/01/2018 20:58:06: Error communicating with the network device "Test". 4.2.3,80250,801 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. Data from network device not as expected.
  • Ok this means there is a problem with the video compression format of the stream. SecuritySpy supports standard formats (JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264), but the device is not streaming in one of these formats.

    What is the exact DVR model number?

    If you log onto the device using a web browser, is there an option to choose H.264 as the streaming format?
  • Hello,
    here you go. Model: DS-7208HUHU-K2
    I see that I can change from H.265 to H.264 but what is the difference?

    By the way, I change to H.264 and it working... but what is the difference?

    And also that question how we can now control PTZ on a special device? As I told I can see now image if I change to H.264 but PTZ? How it is possible? I cant control our Dome ...:( Only If I using Recorder direct or Hikvision APP but not over your great program. Hope you can help.
  • Good to hear it's working with H.264.

    H.265 is very new and SecuritySpy does not yet support it, because support in macOS itself is only gradually appearing. H.265 is similar to H.264, in that it uses advanced compression techniques to produce efficient encoded video. The main difference is that H.265 is more efficient, and produces lower data rates at the same visual quality. We will add H.265 support to SecuritySpy when possible.

    As for PTZ control: is this for a camera that is connected to your Hikvision DVR? SecuritySpy certainly supports PTZ directly with Hikvision cameras, but I'm not sure about cameras connected via Hikvision DVRs. I would advise trying both the "Hikvision" profile and the "ONVIF" profile in SecuritySpy (under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device) to see if either of these allows PTZ control of the camera.
  • Hello,
    It is connected to DVR. Main Question is, if we setup like you tell before with manual and insert channel to control also PTZ. If I try it not working. Maybe we can find control solution also if Dom behind DVR?
  • Yes that could be the problem: with manual setup there is no way to configure the PTZ commands.

    Now that you have set the DVR to H.264 encoding, perhaps the "Hikvision" profile in SecuritySpy will now work, and will also support PTZ. Please try this and report back (change the "Profile" setting from "Manual configuration" to "Hikvision", then click the Apply Preferences button).
  • Hello,
    I try with Hikvision Protocol, you cant change channel.
    I also try with "ONVIF" profile i can change channel BUT I CANT control PTZ. If I try dome do some but it make not any sense.
  • When using the "Hikvision" profile in SecuritySpy, you should get a choice of which channel to obtain using the "Input or stream number" setting. What happens when you use the Hikvision profile with different stream numbers?

    Sorry I don't understand what you wrote here "If I try dome do some but it make not any sense." Could you please explain?
  • Hello Ben,
    if I try that I get Error 400 on Channel 2-16. On chanel 1 you can see Hikvision Chanel Zero. So it will not working.

    Error: 29/01/2018 21:28:45: Error communicating with the network device "Test". 4.2.3,80210,400 Failed to obtain video frame from network device.

    Regarding that other: If I try "ONVIF" profile it will display and I can see PTZ option but if I press that arrow on PTZ option our IP Dom will do not that way how it display on arrow.
  • I have made some changes to SecuritySpy that will hopefully enable it to obtain the different channels from your Hikvision DVR, when using the "Hikvision" profile in SecuritySpy. Please test the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.4b5), and let me know if you are now able to do this. If the video now works when using the "Hikvision" profile, then please now try PTZ control.
  • Hello, that change fix a bit but PTZ working much more than strange if i press left it turn around each time....
  • Sorry I don't quite understand - could you please describe exactly what happens when you issue a PTZ command from SecuritySpy now?

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