VTEncoderXPCService: DEPRECATED USE in libdispatch client
  • Is this an error due to how SecuritySpy is utilizing VTEncoderXPCService or how VTEncoderXPCService is utilizing libdispatch?
    The actual error is:
    "VTEncoderXPCService[586]: DEPRECATED USE in libdispatch client: Changing target queue hierarchy after xpc connection was activated"
    Error happens every 2 or so minutes in the system.log.
    It's important cos if it's how SecuritySpy is utilizing VTEncoderXPCService, then BenSoftware needs to fix it...
    if VTEncoderXPCService is utilizing libdispatch then it needs to get fixed by Apple.
    PS: High Sierra 10.13.2 with latest upgrade for SecuritySpy (this AM).
    PPS: Happened before SecuritySpy update this AM as well...
  • Hi Jann, SecuritySpy is using Apple's Video Toolbox API (which is responsible for the VTEncoderXPCService process) in accordance with Apple's specifications, and SecuritySpy itself is not doing anything that is deprecated with this API.

    I think this must be some issue internal with VTEncoderXPCService, however the warning does not necessarily indicate that there will be any bad effects as a result of this. If you google "DEPRECATED USE in libdispatch client" you will see this message associated with many different processes, but with no reports of specific problems as a result.

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