Getting SS to start capture (backdated)
  • Is there a way I can send an AppleScript message to SS to effectively say "start capturing footage from camera 1 starting 10 seconds ago"? One way would be to record everything, and just delete it every minute or so unless this message had been raised.
  • Yes, this is possible:

    - Under Preferences - Cameras - Motion Capture, turn on the "Movie capture" option, and set the "Pre-capture" time to 10 seconds.

    - Under Preferences - Cameras - Setup, choose which motion triggers (besides your AppleScript one) you want to trigger recording - you may want to turn them all off.

    - Arm the camera by selecting the "Armed 24/7" schedule for it.

    - Use this script to initiate recording:

      tell application "SecuritySpy"
        set motion camera number 0
      end tell

    Make sure to use the correct camera number for the camera you want to trigger, as shown in the Camera Info window.

    When the script runs, it triggers SecuritySpy to record by simulating motion in the specified camera, and due to the pre-capture time, this recording will start 10s previous to the script trigger. The duration of the recording is determined by the post-capture time and/or by repeated calls to the script.

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