Missing recordings (keeping less recordings than expected)
  • I have SecuritySpy running on a Mac mini which has over 250GB free on the system disk (where I'm storing recordings). I have the 4 cameras all set up for continuous recording (new files each hour). Additionally I have motion capture enabled (one movie per event) for the night time hours.

    I just notice that I only have 5 files per camera, i.e. for the last 5hrs today in the capture directory. So approx 25GB of files. All are as a result of the continuous recording.

    I have the app set to keep files for 30 days and delete old files to keep 50GB free.

    So I can't fathom why I have so-few files.

    There is nothing obvious in the logs.

    Any thoughts appreciated.
  • This isn't a known bug, so I'm not immediately sure what could be going on here.

    The first thing to do is to make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy.

    If that doesn't solve it, I think the best way for us to investigate this if you could email us and include the following:

    - A screenshot of the General preferences in SecuritySpy, showing the auto-deletion options

    - The Debug file: hold the alt (option) key on the keyboard and click the File menu; under the Debug section select the option "Create Debug File On Desktop".

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