USB Stick Destination
  • I'm trying to get SS's video files destination to a USB stick.
    When I do that SS writes about two or three files, but then it deletes the previous files and starts
    the process again. The SS folder was copied onto the USB stick and not just the destination set to USB>"camera name"
    I also tried copying the SS App onto the USB stick and run it from there, the App works but the video archiving deletion
    problem still happens.
    I'm doing this because I worry and want to prevent over-writing to my hard drive which can cause drive failure.
    I have a network backup drive but I don't want to use that because of the continuous writes that may cause damage.
    What can I do to have SS write and archive properly on a different (preferably an attached USB or such storage device other than the startup drive) device successfully?
  • SecuritySpy automatically deletes old files based on the settings under Preferences -> General, so you can adjust these settings to suit the size of the drive you are recording to.

    In general, I would not recommend USB sticks to be used as capture destinations because they are slow and of variable quality. You may find that it works OK for a small number of cameras, but if you find you are getting disk-related errors then I would advise using a different solution.
  • Thanks,
    I had the "Delete old files option at 20GB while using a 16GB USB stick. I see that it's for the startup disk as well "other disks", hadn't noticed "other disks".
    Writing so many files will eventually kill any hard drive out there. What do you suggest is a solution to spare the startup drive?
  • It's true that the more use a drive has, the shorter its life will be, but sill any good hard drive or SSD drive will still last many years in these circumstances. To spare the startup drive, the best solution is normally an external (HDD, not SSD) drive connected by USB or Thunderbolt.

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