AVF Error
  • Is the following something to worry about:
    11/29/17 11:47:07.505 PM SecuritySpy[917]: AVF error: Perf capability check failed: 0xe00002be
    11/29/17 11:47:07.634 PM com.apple.xpc.launchd[1]: (com.batchRip.BatchRipDispatcher) Service only ran for 5 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 5 seconds.

    Running current version of SS (no updates available) on a Late 2012 Mac Mini - running Sierra (server also hosts Indigo).
    It has been "crashing" recently, but unable to find any smoking guns in the log. Lost contact with the web server (from work) today, yet I noticed I could still connect with Indigo (I have yet to set up remote access back to this machine).

    I have 12 cameras connected (licensed for 8) System load seem good (86% idle) The new IP cameras are saving to an external disk (2.5Tb in about 2 weeks - motion activity 4Mp IP cameras at 10FPS). The older cameras (NTSC via Axis video servers) are writing to internal disk.

    Although I thought the system had crashed, it might just be an issue with the web server - most of the cameras were still recording, although one seemed to have lost it's place and was wasn't writing new files (as it happens, we had some packages stolen off the front porch - not a good time to loose cameras - alas, miscreants had their hoods pulled up over their faces.
  • The messages in the log are nothing to worry about and don't indicate any particular problem.

    It's difficult to diagnose the problem you are describing - loss of contact to the web server when remote viewing could be down to a few different things, including temporary Internet or router issues, setup problems (e.g. using DHCP address assignments on your local network combined with manual port forwarding in your router), or problems with the Mac running SecuritySpy (though if you say that recording was still taking place then this indicates a network problem rather than a Mac/SecuritySpy problem).

    If you want us to take a closer look, please email us and include SecuritySpy's log file (accessible via the File menu in SecuritySpy), as well as screenshots of your Mac's network setup and your router's port forwarding setup (if done manually).
  • I think my problem with connectivity, was that the DynUpdater program was in a snit with the Mini and my IP address changed. I ended up putting the DynUpdater on my other workstation at home, and remote access works again.

    Now I can resume my search for bigger external disks for video files and a good doorbell camera (needed more for the camera than the doorbell - had some packages stolen this week). And the troublesome camera had motion detection recording turned off - I would guess fat finger on the app.
  • Good to hear you worked out the problem.

    Just in case you don't know, instead of Dyn, you can use SecuritySpy's built-in free DDNS system - see the SecuritySpy Web Settings section of the manual for more info.

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