Continuous capture at less than 1 fps
  • Does anyone have a workaround for recording continuous capture movies at less than 1 fps?
  • For the continuous capture frame rate setting, you can enter a number less than one here (e.g. enter 0.5 to capture 1 frame every 2 seconds).

    Also, if your camera is supplying a H.264 video stream (most do): in order for this frame rate setting to be used, you must also enabled the "Recompress video data" option for the camera, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device (without recomposing the video data, SecuritySpy can't change the frame rate of the video stream so it will be recorded as-is).
  • Thanks very much. That did the trick. I was trying to enter in something ".5" for the frame rate which caused it to just beep and only accept the "5". Seems like "0.5" works fine though.

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