Future Features
  • I was looking for a features request posting or channel and didn’t find one (could be because I’m browsing from my iPhone).

    Anyways - I’ve recently started using SS and really like it, except there are two things I’d like to see added - both in the PTZ controls.

    1. IR light control with selections (Auto, On, Off).
    2. Camera focus controls (Auto/Manual, and “+”/“-” when on Manual)

    Thanks and keep up the great work!
  • Thanks for the suggestions, I can see that these may be useful, though the focus for the camera generally needs to be set to auto, or set once when initially configuring the camera. Can you tell me why you might want to be able to adjust focus on an ongoing basis?

    Focus control is in the ONVIF spec, so it should be possible to add to SecuritySpy, however I don't believe that IR light control is. This would make IR light control too difficult to implement, as each camera will have its own command for this.
  • The FI9828P V2 has focus controls built into the web interface and will change its focal distance based upon what it is looking at and how much it is zoomed in (and it has a really good zoom). Autofocus generally does ok but occasionally it doesn’t and the image is out of focus for whatever reason. Having the options to tweak the focus a bit would be nice. I’ve noted that manually adjusting the focus does not disable autofocus in the camera as well.
  • Hi Ben, maybe you could provide user configurable buttons to send commands/request to a camera.
    I have sniffed out my IR commands for a DLink PTZ camera... and with user configurable buttons I could create my own IR button.
    I currently do it with Indigo, but it might be a nice feature to have in SecuritySpy as well.
  • Hi @petecam - I like that idea, I'll add it to the "to do" list. This will allow users to manually add whatever extra commands their cameras support, such as focus and IR light.

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