Recorded video files are black screens
  • I had been running Security Spy 4.1.7 on a Mac mini with a D-Link DCS-3420 successfully for some time until the computer died and had to be replaced. I installed a new Mac mini running OS 10.12.5 and downloaded a fresh copy of Security Spy 4.2. While the camera window still seems to view the live feed just fine, all video recorded via motion capture results in a .mov file that is completely black for the entire duration. I only discovered this today as I went back to review some video and I realized that it hasn't been working since the upgrade.

    I can't remember how it was setup before but it's currently set up using the "D-Link DCS-5220, DCS5300(W/G)" profile which forces JPEG HTTP (video only).

    Anyone have any thoughts as to why this is happening?
  • This isn't a known issue, so I'm not immediately sure what could be going wrong here.

    The only thing I can think is that some older D-Link cameras supply JPEG video that can't be decoded by QuickTime (so if you write it to a QuickTime movie, the movie won't play back). Try enabling the "Recompress video data" option for this camera under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device in SecuritySpy. Does this fix the problem?

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