Auto play feature in Browser?
  • Hi Ben, would it be possible to add Auto play in the Browser? I find it a bit contra productive when i have to press the space bar every time i scroll the recorded files, and I would love to see a Auto play feature in a future update? Thanks!
  • Just to clarify, when you single-click a file in the list on the left, you want to it to start playing immediately without having to press the space bar or the play button? I like the idea, but this may not be ideal for everyone. Perhaps we can implement a particular modifier key combination for this (e.g. command-click), or perhaps a double-click. I'll see what we can do for a future update.
  • Hi Ben, Yes i would like to have the possibility to activate autoplay for the files i have to check. Thanks will be looking forward for the feature in a future update! ;)
  • Hi Ben, i just realized that the browser actually do play the recorded streams one after one, if i let the player run through the hole file, so this is a good thing. What i miss is the possibility to turn on autoplay/autoskip when i skip through the files too? Sometimes you know what will happen on the recorded clip and then i just jump to the next file and theres the problem, i have to start the clip manually each time after the skip with the spacebar, it would be nice if SS would play the next file too automatic if autoplay/autoskip is activated, and not stop if i skip through the files. Hope you now know what i mean. Thanks in advance! ;)
  • Hi Einstein, yes the situation is exactly as you describe it: currently, SecuritySpy will start the next file automatically after the current file has finished playing. However if you click a file in the list on the left, the timeline will jump to the beginning of that file but it won't play automatically. So we are planning to add some sort of special click (command-click or double-click) that auto-plays a file as you click on it. I will post back here when this has been added.
  • Great news Ben! Have a great night! ;)
  • This has now been added to the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.2b3). Now you can double-click on a file in the Browser to start playing it. Please test this and confirm it works as expected.

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