MacOS High Sierra - Update to 4.2 - loss of settings
  • I just completed an update to v4.2, however afterwards the settings (including license) seem to have all been purged. On startup of the App, I'm met with Trial expired and no cameras are registered.
  • Sorry about this, it's unusual. Could you let me know what version you were using before? Could it have been a 4.2 beta version?

    Here's a possible fix:

    - Quit SecuritySpy.
    - Hold the option key and click the Go menu in the Finder; select the Library option.
    - Within this Library folder, navigate into Preferences.
    - Here you will see several "SecuritySpy Preferences vXX" files, where XX is a version number.
    - Drag the latest one, which should be v75 to your Desktop (or the Trash).
    - Open SecuritySpy 4.2.

    Does it now correctly import the settings? If not, could you please email us and attach to your email the SecuritySpy Preferences file with the next lowest number. Once we have this, we can analyse it to try to work out what went wrong.
  • Thank you for your response.

    Yes, removing (sending to trash) the v75 settings file solved the issue, everything returned as before.

    Previously version was v74. No it was the main build as offered by the updater.
  • The same thing keeps happening to me (v4.2.1 main build). If I delete v75 and restart, it works, but then, sometime later, I will quit and restart securityspy and it will happen again. I'm still investigating to see what may be going on, and will post any updates. For now I have a backup copy of what seems to be a good v75 file that I use to overwrite the bad v75 file when it happens.
  • Hi @bcc4497 - when you get a "bad" v75 file, please email it to us (mark your email as "for attention of Ben, and refer to this forum thread). I will analyse the file to find out what is going wrong. Please also send the "good" one so that I can compare the two.
  • Thanks Ben, the email has been sent.
  • Just an update for anyone following this thread. My issue has been fixed in the latest beta version (4.2.2b3).
  • Thanks for your help with this @bcc4497!

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