Is there anyway to disable the high CPU error emails?
  • Hi

    My iMac is just about powerful enough to run my 3 cameras, but since updating security spy, I've been getting occasional emails about high CPU usage. I could remove the email address for error reports, but then I would be missing out on other more serious errors. Is there any way to just disable the CPU usage reports other than buying a faster Mac?

  • This is new in SecuritySpy 4.2. We added it because high CPU usage leads to errors and problems, which lead to poor user experience for you, and support requests for us. SecuritySpy only reports this if you have 95% overall CPU usage for a period of at least 30 seconds.

    We can tweak the next update so this is reported less often, but I would strongly recommend that you reduce your cameras' frame rates just a bit, so that you no longer get this problem being reported.
  • Thanks. It would be nice to be able to disable the CPU usage warning without disabling any other error reporting. I am aware that the CPU usage on my iMac is high, but SecuritySpy is working fine as far as I can see.

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