IOS PTZ Functionality?
  • Does the SecuritySpy iOS app currently support PTZ controls?

    I've just purchased a Sunba 601-D20X.
    Connected to SS running 4.2
    I purchased & installed the Security Spy IOS app.
    However, I cannot find any way to control the PTZ from the phone app.

    Thank you,

  • Hi Tim, yes our SecuritySpy iOS app does support PTZ control: when viewing one particular camera (after tapping on it on the first screen that shows all the cameras), tap the gear icon in the bottom right of the screen (or tap and hold on the camera's image itself) and select the "Control PTZ" option.
  • Hi Ben,

    When I do either of those methods on the IOS app, I only get three options:
    [Enable Notifications]
    [Show in Multiplex]

    I've tried this in both portrait and landscape mode on my iPhone8 (iOS 11.0.3).

    My Sunba camera is configured as ONVIF RTSP TCP.
    I do get a PTZ control option on the SS server.

    By the way... I've also encountered a situation that when I control the PTZ directly from the SS server screen, the camera will go into into a continuous spinning state if I select the left or right arrow and click a few times.
    Luckily I can stop this by selecting one of the presets.

  • In that case it sounds like a permissions issue - go to Web -> Preferences and edit the account that you are using on the iOS app to sign in to the SecuritySpy server. Make sure the account has permission to control the PTZ of the camera in question.

    I'm not immediately sure about the spinning issue - the web browser must be issuing a "start" command but not a "stop" command for some reason. Could you please let me know what web browser you are using? Then I'll investigate this.
  • Thanks Ben. It was indeed a simple permissions issue for web access.

    Regarding the spinning issue... I encountered that while controlling the PTZ directly on the SecuritySpy console on my MacMini.

    I also just encountered the spinning phenomena on the iOS app, now that I corrected my permission issue.
    On the iOS app, I was able to stop the spinning by simply clicking the opposite direction arrow one time.

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