bizzare recording incident
  • I have 3 cameras: 1. driveway Microseven, no audio 2. living room, Tenvis, set to "passive", audio input OFF 3. Garage, Android phone w/ app, audio ON and motion activation ON. Sound activation OFF.

    Last night for our Halloween haunted garage I had the Android set to record via motion w/ sound to record the kids' reactions. After reviewing the footage, each Android recording actually recorded no sound from the garage, but DID record sound from the living room! Like, the radio, and cats meowing loudly. There were no halloween sounds from either people or my screaming props. What do you think of this craziness? How could this happen?
  • For each camera, you have a choice of audio input source - to get audio from the same network camera that is providing the video, you should select "This network device" as the audio source. Perhaps you have selected the wrong audio source - for example the Mac's audio input? Without having a look at your settings (e.g. screenshots thereof) it's difficult to diagnose what is happening.

    It also sounds like you are running an old version of SecuritySpy (the terminology "passive" for recording modes is no longer used). You might want to look at upgrading SecuritySpy to the latest version.
  • Thanks Ben - I had it set to "built in microphone" so not sure why it chose the Tenvis's built in microphone.
    I'd love to upgrade but I'm running SS on an old Mac that can't run the newer versions. :(
  • "Built-in microphone" refers to the microphone that is built into your Mac, not the camera. I know it's a bit confusing, but the names of the Mac audio input sources are provided by macOS, and SecuritySpy simply presents them as available options. For the audio from the camera, you need to select "This network device".

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