Frame Rate Stuck at 2 fps
  • When I log into the camera (via Safari), the frame rate appears correct, 15 fps Based on the Camera's settings. (see below)

    However, when I view the camera in SS, the fps in the Camera Info window shows 2 fps. When I view the camera video, it is clearly not 15 fps. It is very jerky, as if it's actually 2 fps.

    When SS records video, it is a lot longer (time wise) than expected. With a 2 second pre and 10 second post motion capture setting (see below), the videos should be about 20-30 seconds. However, because of this frame rate issue, the motion captured videos are typically 1 min 30, more or less.

    I should point out that my other camera (Hikvision) works fine. It is also set (via Safari) to be 15 fps and it is in fact 15 fps inside SS.

    Camera Settings: Via Safari Login
    Stream - General
    Resolution: 3840 x 2160
    Frame: Rate 15
    Compression 30
    H.264 encoding:
    Zipstream: Medium
    Dynamic FPS > On
    Dynamic GOP > On
    Max GOP > 500
    P-frames > 31
    Bitrate > Variable
    H.264 profile > High

    Security Spy Settings: v 4.1.7
    Axis P3228-LVE
    Auto discovered as Bonjour device. (not ONVIF)
    Username (entered correctly)
    Password (entered correctly)
    Profile: Axis (JPEG and H.264)
    Format: H.264 RTSP (video and audio)
    Frame Rate (originally left blank, then tried entering 15 fps)

    Video Motion detection > On
    Sensitivity > 50
    Trigger Time > 1.0

    Motion Capture:
    Capture Type > One movie per event
    Capture Rate > 10 fps (I believe this was the default setting)
    Pre-Capture > 2 sec
    Post-Capture > 10
    Schedule > Armed all the time

  • I think this behaviour is due to the "Zipstream" and/or "Dynamic FPS" options being turned on in the camera's settings. I believe both these settings will lower the camera's streaming frame rate when it thinks there is no activity in the scene.

    If you are streaming over the local network to SecuritySpy, and SecuritySpy is recording based on motion detection, then these features are undesirable, because SecuritySpy needs a frame rate of at least 5fps for accurate motion detection. Also you want a good consistent frame rate coming into SecuritySpy just for other stuff like live viewing.

    Try turning both these options off. Does this fix it?
  • I turned off Dynamic FPS, leaving Zipstream on and that appears to have fixed the issue. Rebooting SS and 15 fps is now showing in the Camera Info window. The captured video now has the correct frame rate and overall length.


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