• I've noticed very recently that my Mac mini is not using any VTDecoderXPCService for cameras anymore. It used to use some 40-60% of CPU, but now it is using 0%. Has something changed?
    I am running 90% idle, still using 7 cameras recording 24/7 + motion, 2x4mp, 5x2mp 6 wired 1 wifi

    Strange thing is, I setup another SS over the wkend for a customer, and they have a 2.5Ghz quad core 2011 model Mac, and it showed 25% VTD, so something weird going on. Cameras 3 x2mp all wired same configuration network as mine, recording 24/7+motion, same 10fps as mine.
  • SecuritySpy uses the decoder service any time it needs to decode video. There are a few reasons why this process may be idle - one is that your Mac has hardware H.264 encoding/decoding capabilities, and the decoding work requested by SecuritySpy can be achieved in the hardware (which would use virtually no CPU).

    Another is that SecuritySpy simply doesn't need to decode any stream at the particular times that you've looked at the CPU usage (this could happen if you have enabled the "Decompress incoming frames only when required" option under Preferences -> SecuritySpy -> General).

    It's difficult to tell exactly what is going on from the limited information provided, but basically your CPU usage is going to depend on many factors, including number of cameras and their resolutions and frame rates, recording settings, current usage state of SecuritySpy (e.g. whether there are any web clients connected receiving video, whether the cameras are armed or disarmed, how many video windows are open etc.), Mac hardware specifications, and macOS system version.

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