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  • Morning
    Is there any reason why the security spy app does not connect remotely sometimes, even though both the network the SS is connected to and the network I am on remotely are both fast and have great signal strength?
    I constantly get an error trying to connect using the app when away from my network, saying something like "cannot connect to server".
  • I must admit i have never seen this problem, if I have 3g i can connect to SS remotely without issue.
  • Hi @Repsolkid there is no particular reason for this, apart from connection problems at either end. Certainly we are not aware of a bug in SecuritySpy (macOS or iOS) that could cause this. Do you have any kind of unusual setup (e.g. connecting over a VPN)?
  • Hi Ben
    No nothing, and it is not consistent, which is more annoying. One day it will connect, the next it won't.
    I will do some more digging, as some of my CCTV customers have reported back to me that they have this issue also. I will try and produce a pattern for investigation. ie same ISP / router etc

  • I cannot connect at all over cellular (AT&T). My SecuritySpy Server is "green". All has been working great and I have not made any changes to Security Spy for months. After the upgrade to iOS 11.0.3 (and possibly beginning with iOS 11.0.1) I can't connect over my iPad or iPhone on the iOS app.

    Within my network, I can always connect.

    Trouble shooting: I've disconnected my VPN, rebooted the iOS devices, cycled cellular data on and off, and made sure the iOS app is authorized to use cellular data.

    I can connect to my D-Link camera over cellular over AT&T; I can connect remotely from the iOS devices to my MacMini over cellular using Screens or TeamViewer; and I can connect over cellular to my Garage Door opener. That leaves me to believe there might be a bug in SecuritySpy iOS app since all my other remote connections are functioning.

    If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate them. I rely greatly on SecuritySpy.

  • RE: Cannot connect with cellular from iPhone or iPad post above:
    I didn't remember this but in my above post I forgot that I saw a notification from AT&T that Carrier Setting had been updated just a day or so ago. Helpful?

  • Im also using A&TT for my cell service. No problem here even with 1-2 signal bars. Its pretty rock solid. If your SS DDNS is a green light. Check the computer that you are running SS on and look at your preferances see if you are advertising with bonjour. Then delete your profile on your phone's SS app while connected to the wifi network that SS works. If you are advertising then you configuration should show up as SecuritySpy. Select it and input user and password shut off wifi on phone and cell conection should work. Thats all i got.

    Good Luck
  • I repeated all of my earlier troubleshooting. Rebooting my Comcast router/modem appears to have fixed the problem. Here's hoping anyway.

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