High Sierra breaks Screen Saver?
  • Is everybody seeing this, or is it just me (I know it's not "supported" anymore)...
  • So, perhaps the note on the add-ons page should indicate that High Sierra breaks the saver...
  • Great to hear that. Could you please tell us exactly what you had to do to get the screen saver working?
  • Ah... I forget now... I think maybe I had to use the local IP and set https...
  • Cutting to the chase, can I upgrade to High Sierra without breaking anything such as camera settings and the Screen Lock?
    Can't seem to see a straight answer in the thread in the discussion?

    Security Spy V4.2
    I have MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 on Mac Mini at the moment
    I actually don't use the screen lock as the device is in a locked room.

  • Hi @Lesbo yes it's safe to upgrade. The screen lock problem is fixed in the latest release of SecuritySpy (plus, you are not using screen lock anyway), and the problem with camera settings becoming corrupted has only affected a handful of users, and can be easily resolved in most cases.
  • Thanks for the Update

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