Change the Default Location for Recording
  • I'm new to using Security Spy, and would like to know if it is possible to change the default storage location for the motion detection recordings and if so, how it might be configured. Having trouble running an FTP server on Mac X.X so I thought that I would change the default motion storage to a cloud service for retrieval when required. Thanks! hand

  • The setting you are looking at is called "Capture Destination" - it's set on a per-camera basis, and you'll find it under Preferences -> Cameras -> Setup.

    Note that the FTP feature in SecuritySpy is for off-site backups of captured footage, in addition to that footage being recorded locally. So you do not need to run an FTP server on your Mac, as the footage is always recorded to your Mac whether you use the FTP feature or not.
  • Thank you for this tutorial

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