Hikvisioin PTZ Issues
  • I can’t seem to get PTZ to work on a Hikivisoin camera. I can view the live image, using Security Spy. However, I can’t Pan or Tilt. It appears I can zoom, though I’m not sure if I’m zooming the Camera lens, or I’m zooming the image on the display.

    Hikvision Camera:
    Model: DS-2CD4585F-IZH
    FW: V5.3.5 build 151218
    Encoding: V7.0 build 151117
    Web Version: V4.0.1 build 151125
    Plugin Version: V3.0.5.42
    Logging into the camera via Safari, I turned on DHCP. This was the only setting I changed.

    Though, I have never gotten Live View to work in Safari. (I followed Hikvision’s instructions for installing the plug-in)

    Security Spy:
    Version 4.1.7 (downloaded demo, not yet purchased)
    Auto Discovered via ONIF
    Also tried the Hikvision Profile (neither method allowed me to move the camer using PTZ controls)
    Entered Username and Password for the camera

    OS X:
    Sierra, version 10.12.6
    Mac Pro, Late 2013
    3 GHz 8-Core
    64 GB Memory
    AMD DirePro D700 (dual)
  • I'm afraid the DS-2CD4585F-IZH camera does not have mechanical pan/tilt. It is not a PTZ camera.

    Its specifications include something called "Angle Adjustment", but this is for you to manually set the angle of the camera upon installation.

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