Accessing a Raspberry Pi camera
  • I have a Raspberry Pi set up with camera module, running RPiCam. It is reachable with no problem on a static ip address where it serves up a webpage with a live image of the camera feed. I have so far been unable to get securityspy to see this feed. The raspberry Pi does not show up under auto discovered devices so I entered the ip address, and the page shows up if I click "Open in web browser". There is no username or password. I have selected "Manual configuration" for the profile, and it makes no difference what format I choose, http or rtsp.
    Any suggestion about what I need to do to make SecuritySpy use the feed from this camera ?
    Thanks in advance
  • We have a blog post about this: Raspberry Pi Camera to SecuritySpy. However this uses software called "Motion", not RPiCam. We have heard from a few users who have tried to use RPiCam unsuccessfully, because it doesn't seem to support standard streaming protocols such as MJPEG or RTSP. So I would recommend following the instructions in the blog post to set up and use Motion instead.
  • Thanks for the reply. Yes, you're correct RPiCam doesn't do rtsp but there is a mjpg option. I now understand what I need is a rtsp server running on the raspberry pi. I'm aware of motion, it is a project that seems for all intents and purposes to be a securityspy competitor running on the raspberry pi, serving the camera feeds on a webpage instead of in an application window. It's not really making sense for me to use it as a rtsp server, so there is clearly something I'm missing.
  • I'm not too familiar with Motion on the pi either, but apparently it does the job.

    If RPiCam has a MJPEG-over-HTTP option then that should also work. You'll need to set this up in SecuritySpy with Manual Configuration, with "HTTP" as the Format option, and enter the correct "Request" to get the MJPEG stream (the documentation may show a full URL for MJPEG streaming, which will be in the form http://address:port/request).
  • Hi...i am a new user here. I am trying to use my Pi camera with processing and have followed the steps. Installing packages using sudo aptitude install gstreamer0.10-plugins-good didn't fix anything.Running the same code as given has now returned to telling me that "There are no capture devices connected to this computer", whereas before it had given me the "No such Gstreamer factory: v4l2src" error. Running the Simple Capture code for GLVideo now says that "GLVideo requires the P2D or P3D renderer".
  • Found this not sure if it hits the mark.

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